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BCG – So much more than a coffee shop

BCG – Bootlegger Cafe & Grill

After having visited BootLegger in Tokai a few times, I was very intrigued to find out what BCG had to offer with their grill concept at the new branch in High Constantia.

We arrive for lunch at 11 am, I thought it would be a great opportunity to check out what the breakfast vibe was like before we sunk our faces into their perfectly ranged menu.

We walk in and are welcomed by the hostess who showed us to our table with no delay. The interior smells of rich leather & brass light fittings adorn the walls as if they were there since the 1950’s. One of the most impressive bar counters I’ve seen boldly stands out from the side wall, looking like something out of the Titanic. Masculin with marble tops, brass piping & glass racks but creating a more feminine and romantic energy with the elegant lamps placed all around.

We kick this party off with a coffee so we could take the time to browse the menu, take in the atmosphere and get settled into our cosy booth next to the kitchen. Come to think of it we didn’t even realise were next to the kitchen. Our waiter is fabulous from the start, knowledgeable, quirky and infectious energy. It’s finally 12 pm so we get cracking on, experiencing this new grill’s food.

The ever on-going debate about what a Caesar salad should consist of is knocked out of the park with this one. Cos, croutons, anchovies & soft-boiled egg, end of story. Now the Onion Tarte Tartin is something to be challenged, beautifully presented and filled with a rich sweetness, I couldn’t quite get enough of it. As we splash our starters down with a little swig of our Waterford Rose-Mary Rose, we move onto our next experience, the grills.

I opt for the Hanger steak from Chalmar, done in a Spanish built PIRA charcoal oven, it’s like having a braai…in an oven. Perfectly charred on the outside and melting in the centre. The array of sides that don’t include the generic butternut and creamed spinach add colour and finesse to any plate, especially the baked sweet potato and creme fraiche, it’s a winner.

We watch in awe as all the food comes past us on it’s way to its destination, pizza’s prepared in the dominant pizza oven which sits proudly in the kitchen, sandwiches, burgers and desserts, it’s a perfect combination of subtle fine-dining meets steak-house and cafe.

Pull in for a breakfast on the terrace, stop by for a cocktail after a long day on the slog or dig in and feast on this bistro’s dishes, either way, it’s comfortable, it’s classy and it’s going to keep people coming back for more.

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