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Carne Constantia – Brunch, Lunch Or Date Night

Images & article courtesy of Llewellyn Lambert of Hospitality Hedonist
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”I wouldn’t say I was a “steak person” when heading out to a restaurant. Chicken, burgers, pizza, steaks and dessert all fly past when I skim read to see what’s what on a menu when eating out. That being said if I was going to eat a steak it’s definitely got to be at place branded with a bull and that worships “meat”.”

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”Greeted by a revamped Victorian home on the corner of 114 Main road Constantia with a welcoming outside area which I could imagine is beautiful in the evening with no wind staring at the Tokai mountains. There’s a garden with herbs, chillies and few veggies here and there. All used in the kitchen I’m sure.”

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”As is typical of me, I had three entrees- all light salad type because i wanted to have a BIG steak on the bone and just slightly grilled and moo-ing (no other way i feel) and naturally I ordered my wine per glass per course. The wine lists hosts and incredible selection of local and Italian varietals along with a varied amount of reds and white wines by the glass. Something I really appreciate, especially if you’re looking to change from Chardonnay to Syrah between courses or try the Sangiovese (you know, when in Rome)”

The menu is quite large with various Italia styled dishes and of course the bulls eye being the Carne “DALLA GRIGLIA” selection.

”Before going to lunch I read a few reviews, stalked the menu like a lioness ready to pounce on her prey and found out what the local favorites were. (Their website is not very in depth as there are many branches of the Carne Collection but you can at least read the menu online or visit Eat Out, as I did for more info)”

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”Interestingly enough, not all the popular dishes were just steak and trimmings.”

”The Lamb ravioli, Homemade Ravioli of slow baked lamb shoulder with sage butter and Parmesan cheese, was a must have and as typical of us gays, I chose butternut with sage butter- always have to be different you know. It was delicious, along with a simple, honest caprese with a mound of milky buffalo mozzarella and the avocado salad, served with blue veined cheese, granny smith apples and toasted walnuts (a Waldorf of sorts)”

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”Choosing your steak is quite theatrical, a waiter with his meat in hand, comes to your table and asks you to size up his hunky offerings. A varied selection of sirloin, fillet, rump, lamb cutlets,hanger steak and my favorite Rib eye on the bone. Everyone loves good piece meat and a bone!”

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”Along with this you are then able to select the custom grammage to ensure your steak is prepared perfectly to your liking and budget, you can add sauces and sides should you wish-I’m not one for these items either, as I prefer just simply cracked black pepper and Maldon salt when I do indulge in these marbled meat delights- fuss pot!

After ravishingly eating every morsel of my beef bone the kitchen sent another signature favorite, the chocolate fondant. Perfectly gooey and made with good quality cocoa- chocolate lovers delight, guaranteed!

Carne serve Italian coffee sourced by Rialto foods, also the supplier behind Locanda at Villa47 a double espresso was exactly what I needed as I headed into the 15h00 mommy traffic of Constantia. Give me strength!

If you’re looking for a great lunch spot in Constantia, the perfect steak for that boys business brunch or even a romantic terrace for date night Carne Constantia should definitely be on your list!”

CARNE Constantia | 114 Constantia Main Rd, Cape Town | Tel: 021 761 0247 | Carne Collection 

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