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Steph & Andrew’s Surprise Wedding

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Beau Constantia

Steph & Andrew's Surprise Wedding

The Surprise Wedding

Beau Constantia is the most stunning boutique wine farm that overlooks the Cape Peninsula and is a perfect spot to have an elopement/surprise wedding.  Stephi and Andrew snuck away on a Friday afternoon and got married with just their parents and their Best man and Maid of Honour as witnesses.  It was a pretty perfect afternoon.  Stephi looked gorgeous in her dress which was a not a wedding dress but lent itself to the occasion magnificently. ”I don’t really think it mattered that it wasn’t a wedding dress ….the glow that emitted from Stephi made her look more bridal than most brides.  She positively radiated happiness and looked absolutely gorgeous.  Andrew didn’t look to shabby either as he waited on the slopes of Beau Constantia for his beloved bride.  Everything about the afternoon was understated and yet tasteful …proving what I have said may times over the years ….Less is More!” says Jo-Ann

Steph & Andrew's Surprise WeddingSteph & Andrew's Surprise WeddingBeau Constantia surprise weddingBeau Constantia surprise wedding

Beau Constantia weddingBeau Constantia surprise weddingBeau Constantia surprise wedding

Beau Constantia weddingBeau Constantia surprise wedding

Open Door Restaurant

Meanwhile …..less than 10km’s away …at the superb restaurant, Open Door in Constantia, their friends started to gather for what they thought was Andrews birthday party!!!  Friends and family started to arrive with gifts for Andrew and were placed on a patio to enjoy some sundowners and to mingle.  No one was aware that a couple of hours prior, Stephi and Andrew had tied the knot.  A few minutes before the couple arrived, the group were ushered into a separate room slightly apart from the restaurant which had been simply, yet elegantly decorated as a wedding reception.  “‘I was in my element to watch the guests arrive ….look around with puzzled faces …and watch the shock and surprise as the penny dropped and they realised that they were there for an entirely different kind of celebration ….not a birthday celebration …..but a wedding celebration!!!!”

No sooner had their friends and family realised, and the happy couple made their entrance amidst, tears of shock and happiness and lots of excitement.  Siblings went from moments of jaw-dropping shock to tears to happiness and to tears again …emotions ran high.  But hats off to everyone …they managed to get over their shock and enjoy the celebrations with this very happy, young couple.  Stephi’s brother even stood up and gave an excellent unprepared speech!  Needless to say …social media went into overdrive ….friends and family couldn’t wait to impart this piece of news on Facebook, twitter and instagram!  Phones were abuzz!!

”Originally when I was first contacted to do this wedding, I was in the process of arranging my departure to Dubai  and I thought I would have to turn down this wedding.   I am so glad that the stars aligned themselves in order for this to happen …it was such a beautiful occasion and Stephi was such a gracious young bride who truly went to many lengths to make sure I was looked after!  It was truly an honour to have captured this surprise wedding for them!”

Beau Constantia weddingBeau Constantia weddingsurprise weddingBeau Constantia wedding

surprise wedding

Open Door Constantia weddingOpen Door Constantia weddingOpen Door Constantia weddingBeau Constantia weddingRead More Here:
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